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evil DJ petey
23 October
the 'Cities
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a.k.a. evil DJ petey
Writer, musician, artist...

name : petey
age : forever 93
hair : fake
hatching day : october twenty-third (birthday preceeds hatching)
hobbies : very varied. may include remixing perfectly good music to suit my needs & desires, painting brightly coloured fantastic arcadian landscapes on the walls of dark corridors in the middle of the night, tearing apart thrift-store clothing - or, more likely, cutting apart, carefully butchering some garment down to its constituent parts, writing $#!+ no one else will ever read, handling my scorpions, or walking around like i'm minding my own business. As if...
aisha : josefiend
house : ravenclaw

Certain entries in this journal are used more like scratch pads for thinkings, research, and ramblings. Any entry may later be corrected for spelling and grammar, or to close stray HTML tags.

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Social capital

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