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Famtastic Lomgbois amd Where to Fimd Them
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There is a semi-wholesome group on the FB, where there is a FORBIDDEM LETTER and it is cute to see erryone typoing without it.

How the Patriarchy Stole Friday the 13th

field of action
Safeway Tirade

Too Asian For America

T A B L E : G E T
"i think i'm going grey"
Trans Men on Sexism

Pain Study

Testing the Limits of Casual Friday

field of action
Antiquarian : You know that the bisphenol-a used to rubberize your polyacrylate plastics is a potent pseudoestrogen?!
All You All : ....
Antiquarian : YEAH. Use glass or ceramic for food storage.

Setting: 7th Grade Spring Dance, the school cafeteria
Him: Hey, would you... go out with me?
Me : Is this a joke?
Him : No, no -
Me: Were you dared to do this?
Him: (looks back at buddies across the cafeteria)
Him: ...yeah.

<"">Book of Hours</a>
The back of my mind if full of Things To Do.
Exploring some Coolors... hafta make a website, soonish.

&quot;i think i&#39;m going grey&quot;
Creativity and Contradiction

3 Stages of Failure & how to fix them

Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel / Removed from site + an explanation from forbes

Antisemitic Incidents Up</a?

day in, day out...
field of action
Everything is opossums.

There are some very real reasons that I should not want to travel to Mongolia.
Swelling Slums
Tech Waste Lake

Compare: Making a Microchip

Restart a Bad Day

FB Training

assorted links
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Masculinity & Cross-Stitching - Though I learned to sew from my grandfather, it is interesting to read other people's experiences in examining their lifelong conditioning.

Hyperfixation - coping mechanism?

Blue Rabbit Urine - it's the buckthorn bark they eat

trauma triggers
&quot;i think i&#39;m going grey&quot;
I am trying to reading through these articles, the one on Vanity Fair by Lewinsky and also
this piece on Vox.
"A low-grade collective trauma" is about as accurate a phrase as any.
To describe Monica, as she continues to inflict herself on us.
To describe the Clintons, particularly Bill.
To describe 1998, all of it.

In the age of MeToo, how do we talk about sexual violence against men?

Angry Cold
field of action
Last one... (they're just so funny!)
Celebs Sound Off on Weather

& okay The Onion also.

Get Off My Lawn
field of action
YES - it is cold in Minnesota.
But you know what?! I live for this weather.

How To Be Cold

Ooh, another...
WaPo Wants MN Mad?


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