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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

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field of action

Mystery benefactor returns sacred pipe tied to U.S.-Dakota war

A happy (?) ending to the controversial sale. [LISTING]

Indian Pipe.
Made by a Sioux Chief "White-Dog"-
who was living at Mankato Minnesota
in 1862. - It was presented - as a peace
offering to [ien] King by the Chief
while a prisoner in his[....]

Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars, 1861-1865
Volume 1, page 249
"Battle of Redwood" mentions Chief White Dog

field of action
Alacranes - عقرب al'aqráb - Los ESCORPIONES
As found in : Arrecife Alacranes "Scorpion Reef"

Actually, We Don't Owe You Sex

The Science of (Sexual) Frustration
Robin Hanson Might Be America's Creepiest Economics Professor

she doesn't make conversation on her own
field of action
      I have long enjoyed reading Apocrypha.
      It all seems so biblical - and was intended so, but why did it ultimately land on the cutting room floor? there is still so much to learn. I love it all.

      I understand that some people have a "mama bear" attitude toward their friends, and that's fine, admirable in a way - but some of those friends are shitty, and these people don't know that about their "friends" - all they know is someone's face and name, and have known these superficial things for some sufficient length of time.... and that's fine. I don't care THAT much, I'm already gone.

      Some people - I wonder. Did I roll up a Charisma of 2 in my Stats for this life? Some people are really bothered that I am a grouchy old man who looks like a little girl-child. I have been told by people (who are sensitive to such things) that I don't have an aura. It doesn't happen often, but some people Do Not Like the pemgu, and that's just how it is.

      Sometimes I am a jerk, though.
      Persons to whom I am a jerk get a free pass on disliking me, because.
      There was a guy in line at the bank, doing a Loud phone call, for a Long time. When he finally hung up, he apologized quietly to the man in front of him. I told him he should apologize louder, to all the rest of us, too. I got a few chuckles from other people in line, but he pointedly ignored me.


Famtastic Lomgbois amd Where to Fimd Them
field of action
There is a semi-wholesome group on the FB, where there is a FORBIDDEM LETTER and it is cute to see erryone typoing without it.

How the Patriarchy Stole Friday the 13th

field of action
Safeway Tirade

Too Asian For America

T A B L E : G E T
"i think i'm going grey"
Trans Men on Sexism

Pain Study

Testing the Limits of Casual Friday

field of action
Antiquarian : You know that the bisphenol-a used to rubberize your polyacrylate plastics is a potent pseudoestrogen?!
All You All : ....
Antiquarian : YEAH. Use glass or ceramic for food storage.

Setting: 7th Grade Spring Dance, the school cafeteria
Him: Hey, would you... go out with me?
Me : Is this a joke?
Him : No, no -
Me: Were you dared to do this?
Him: (looks back at buddies across the cafeteria)
Him: ...yeah.

<"http://www.medievalbooksofhours.com/inventory/boh_145">Book of Hours</a>
The back of my mind if full of Things To Do.
Exploring some Coolors... hafta make a website, soonish.

&quot;i think i&#39;m going grey&quot;
Creativity and Contradiction

3 Stages of Failure & how to fix them

Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel / Removed from site + an explanation from forbes

Antisemitic Incidents Up</a?

day in, day out...
field of action
Everything is opossums.

There are some very real reasons that I should not want to travel to Mongolia.
Swelling Slums
Tech Waste Lake

Compare: Making a Microchip

Restart a Bad Day

FB Training

assorted links
field of action
Masculinity & Cross-Stitching - Though I learned to sew from my grandfather, it is interesting to read other people's experiences in examining their lifelong conditioning.

Hyperfixation - coping mechanism?

Blue Rabbit Urine - it's the buckthorn bark they eat