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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

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field of action
      Probably I have told you all the story of my first trans-affirmation, sunrise in the field with the pheasants & Grandpa said Yes! when I asked “Am I Man?”
      The second was when I was twelve, away at camp, I was writing stories, and let a girl from my cabin read them. She said, “You write like a boy. You don’t think like a girl at all.” I felt complimented, flattered...? even though she probably meant it more as an insult than a critique.
      The third trans-affirmation was when I was almost thirty, at a coffee meet. There were some army boys, two older fellows of the almost thirty age, and some real young fellows. I was talking about genital surgery being unnecessary, not requisite. As a man, there is no one who will demand to peek into my pants and see my penis, because having a penis is not actually required of being a man. The young boys had the glassy look of first exposure to a mind-bending new concept, but one of the older fellows declared, “A penis is absolutely not required to be a man.” The boys said, “Sir, yes sir.” My heart was aglow. 💚 We turned the conversation around to include our womenfolk, that the intimate bits she’s got up under the ruffles are none of your business. Unless such opportunity arises as one might be discovering those secrets, then conversation veered over to consent & other sexy stuff like that. Just, normalizing the idea of trans-folk in along with all the other questions of dating and sexuality.

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Обычно, под "думать как женщина", люди подразумевают неполноценное рабское мышление.
Это потому, что, женщины сотни лет были угнетаемым классом, и воспитывались, и все еще воспитываются, как неполноценные люди.
"Математика не для девочек", "спорт не для девочек", и так далее.

The is no such thing as men or women thinking from biological point of view!

Впрочем, есть некоторые физиологические отличия. В спорте, девочек от мальчиков отличают по уровню гормонов, for example.

А что насчет сексуальности, sexuality for humans have very little to do with physiological properties of individual. For humans, it is a part of personality.

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