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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

field of action
      Allergies have mellowed to a low-level headache. Though constant, it is preferable to the drowning in mucus oxygen deprivation I started the week with.

      I just moved a turtle off a busy street.
      Little poop was SUNNING, just ducked a little when I drove over him (under the undercarriage, not under the wheels) - but his head was already back out when the School Bus sailed over him. I pulled a U-turn as soon as I could (bus behind me, mind). I tried to nudge his turtle-tail, to make him move, but he was just like NYEH so I took him by his midsection over to the nearest ditch & hollered at him to stay out of the street. Even if it seems like a great big hot rock prefect for sunning. It isn't.

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