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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

Naturally Occurring
field of action
I can only eat ONE serving of nighshade-derived food per day, because they make their own MSG.
Except uncooked tomatoes; I can have two small tomatoes.

      I have been aware of a MSG / sodium sensitivity in myself since I was twelve. I have had a lot of people over the years shouting at me over the internets & directly into my face (drunk chef, yey) & generally from the rooftops that monosodium glutamate is a naturally-occurring substance.

      And... yeah.
      I'm sensitive to it. It won't send me to the ER, but it will give me a very unpleasant tomorrow.
      I have to know what foods produce it (nightshades, mushrooms), what foods it is added to (chicken, sauces, everything), how to recognise when I've had too much, and what can I do about that. Drinking more water can help to a point, but too much water will trigger a nutrient dump, and I NEED THOSE NUTRIENTS.

Why does food have to be so DIFFICULT?!
      Stupid body.
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