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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

Stop For Pedestrians
field of action
I am usually helping older folks across my busy street. This was a big burly tattoo & piercings man, but with a daughter in tow, he wasn’t acting the fearless force of nature these sorts tend towards, but the bear had a cub. They were off the curb, in the sidewalk properly, but not moving forward. Cars sped by without slowing. I GET SO MAD! pedestrians have the right-of-way. I spotted a good break between cars, and strode out to the center of the road and stopped there. The one car, more than half a block away, had plenty of time and room to stop, but scarcely slowed before slamming the brakes, as if absolutely incredulous I was actually going to enforce this stupid law. The cars coming the other way did a better job at crossingwalk etiquette.
The man & child crossed timidly, and as he passed, he asked me, “Aren’t you afraid to get hit?” I said, “No.”

Not at all.
If I get hit, I am going straight through the windshield at that driver & dragging him to Hell with me as I go. Or, this is the contempt & rage that boils in my heart, and the sentiment is not lost on those drivers whose time I waste & brakes I test.

Stop for pedestrians.