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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

field of action
Antiquarian : You know that the bisphenol-a used to rubberize your polyacrylate plastics is a potent pseudoestrogen?!
All You All : ....
Antiquarian : YEAH. Use glass or ceramic for food storage.

Setting: 7th Grade Spring Dance, the school cafeteria
Him: Hey, would you... go out with me?
Me : Is this a joke?
Him : No, no -
Me: Were you dared to do this?
Him: (looks back at buddies across the cafeteria)
Him: ...yeah.

<"http://www.medievalbooksofhours.com/inventory/boh_145">Book of Hours</a>
The back of my mind if full of Things To Do.
Exploring some Coolors... hafta make a website, soonish.