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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

birds in the snow
It can still make me jump when the biggest of the birds come in for a landing on the branch near my window. The bird-feeder is very busy, in this cold.

Autistic, Not Lazy

Who Cares - on emotional labor

Memo : Plan to Traumatize Children

casual ableism for ...humour?
field of action
      "If you can't watch a video and listen to simple instructions, you're unlikely to achieve anything in business. Give up now." ...Wow!

haha so true!
Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with?

      Yes? The deaf and hard of hearing community is at a distinct disadvantage in the business world.

I can imagine that this could be true, Petey... are you part of that community yourself or simply have a heart to help that community?

      The video isn't even captioned.

I believe that I have a version with a transcript... let me look. Most everything we have has a full transcript, despite not being cc

      I am involved in the disabled community in general, but this one smacks a bit for me in an immediate sense because I am at a computer without a sound card in it.

Here is the one with a full transcript.
What does a sound card do?

      A sound card plays audio.

Ohhh gotcha! I read that message wrong - I thought you said it DID have a sound card... now I understand

      I just wanted to relay a message of "Yikes!" as concerns your website and video.

I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention - truly
I will pass along the great need for closed captioning

      I even clicked the ad because I largely agree with the blurb message, so.

I understand, and glad you chatted in today. Is there anything else that I can help with?

      No, just that.

I hope you have a great day today, Petey! Feel free to open a new chat any time :)

Wayy back in early High School...
field of action
      Some kid was trying to say things about my friend - someone who had never bothered to speak to me about anything before. He tried declare, in consecutive sentences, that she was a lesbian, and had slept with the school’s whole hockey team.
      “Including you?” I asked.
      “What? No!” He acted disgusted. “I’d never-!”
      “But you just said the Whole hockey team. Are you not on it anymore?”
      “What, no - I - nevermind.“ He ran away.


Naturally Occurring
field of action
I can only eat ONE serving of nighshade-derived food per day, because they make their own MSG.
Except uncooked tomatoes; I can have two small tomatoes.

      I have been aware of a MSG / sodium sensitivity in myself since I was twelve. I have had a lot of people over the years shouting at me over the internets & directly into my face (drunk chef, yey) & generally from the rooftops that monosodium glutamate is a naturally-occurring substance.

      And... yeah.
      I'm sensitive to it. It won't send me to the ER, but it will give me a very unpleasant tomorrow.
      I have to know what foods produce it (nightshades, mushrooms), what foods it is added to (chicken, sauces, everything), how to recognise when I've had too much, and what can I do about that. Drinking more water can help to a point, but too much water will trigger a nutrient dump, and I NEED THOSE NUTRIENTS.

Why does food have to be so DIFFICULT?!
      Stupid body.
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field of action
Yesterday, with the HUGE weather system passing through, my right ankle -which has been bothering me for months- passed the threshold from "OW don't do that" with every step, to ...offline? It was just vaguely tingly, and I could tell it wasn't lifting as it ought to, but it wasn't hitching, like it's been doing. Somehow the brain mercifully unplugged its input or something. I did some nice long-striding in some parking lots, as I did some errands after the office. Maybe I shouldn't have? but I HAD TO - it's been too long, felt good. This morning, it's all stiff up to my knee, even into the thigh, and it's DEFINITELY back online to tell me it's not happy.
sorry, pain machine broke.
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biiiig borb
field of action
Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here at my desk, there's a birdfeeder and suet cages out the window - the accountant had mentioned maybe hearing a pileated woodpecker around, asked if I had seem it. No, so far just the red-bellied and downey. But a little bit later, I was sitting here & looked over - AMD THERE HE WAS. Pileated Woodpecker is Verr Lorge Birb, okay? Sitting om the branch, he was looking me eye-to-eye - I got a verrry good appreciation of what massive and muscular creatures they are.
But so shy! It flew away as soon as I lifted my camera.

field of action
I have been severely depressed for a few weeks.
I have done... almost nothing. Except sleeping & it's NOT relaxing.

Making new calendar pages for the next few months.
Funny how I get the new pages made and want to be using them right away. I glued some of the new checklists, cut from spare single-side copies or misprints made in the process of getting them right, onto the existing pages

"When a staid American institution is declared dead, the news media like to haul the same usual suspect before the court of public opinion: the Millennial generation.

The 80 million–plus people born in the United States between the early 1980s and the late 1990s stand accused of assassinating various hallmarks of modern life. The list of the deceased includes golf, department stores, the McDonald’s McWrap, and canned tuna. Millennials tore up napkins, threw out mayonnaise, and mercifully disposed of divorce and Applebee’s before graduating to somewhat postmodern crimes: “Have Millennials Killed Serendipity?” With the national murder rate in long-term decline, it may even be said that Millennials are killing killing."
- Derek Thompson, The Economy Killed Millennials

Trained Crows

Lean In

field of action
The clerk at the hardware store was mindlessly squishing the bag of freeze-dried meal worms I was in the process of paying for on the keypad. Just, I hate when I have to interact with the machines, because they are all a little different & sometimes they misbehave, and for every new screen I had to navigate, she was s l o w l y squishing from one hand to the other... it's a cool texture, sure? but I don't want to be feeding the birds worm powder, I want to feed them whole worm-curls. Augh. & the more stressed I get, the more likely the machine is going to malfunction.
So I just have to just... be calm....

field of action

field of action
      Probably I have told you all the story of my first trans-affirmation, sunrise in the field with the pheasants & Grandpa said Yes! when I asked “Am I Man?”
      The second was when I was twelve, away at camp, I was writing stories, and let a girl from my cabin read them. She said, “You write like a boy. You don’t think like a girl at all.” I felt complimented, flattered...? even though she probably meant it more as an insult than a critique.
      The third trans-affirmation was when I was almost thirty, at a coffee meet. There were some army boys, two older fellows of the almost thirty age, and some real young fellows. I was talking about genital surgery being unnecessary, not requisite. As a man, there is no one who will demand to peek into my pants and see my penis, because having a penis is not actually required of being a man. The young boys had the glassy look of first exposure to a mind-bending new concept, but one of the older fellows declared, “A penis is absolutely not required to be a man.” The boys said, “Sir, yes sir.” My heart was aglow. 💚 We turned the conversation around to include our womenfolk, that the intimate bits she’s got up under the ruffles are none of your business. Unless such opportunity arises as one might be discovering those secrets, then conversation veered over to consent & other sexy stuff like that. Just, normalizing the idea of trans-folk in along with all the other questions of dating and sexuality.