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field of action



misanthropist extraordinaire

field of action
Watching the firefighters working to save the Notre Dame Cathedral...

...thinking of the one that could not be saved.

The National Museum of Brazil.
2000 artifacts recovered of the 20,000,000 in the collection.
This is the equivalent of burning the ENTIRE Smithsonian complex down to... a small county history museum.

I have been following.
They figure now that it was the wiring for the A/C on the auditorium room. Three units running a space that would have needed five, on a circuit that could only accommodate the draw of two units. That's some BAD math.
AND - they were decades behind on scanning & digitizing.
This loss hurts so bad.




(no subject)
field of action
It's been a ride, but we have location, date & time.

The theme for Goth Prom this year is STYGIAN FOREST.
June 14th 9pm-2am at Loring Bar + Restaurant

Tickets to go live ...soon! (later today?)
Then the BIG announcement across all the pages....

NOT the same wild ride we had last year, thank heavens...


We must DEMAND thew world we want.
field of action
Herons are Home!
    I thought I saw one yesterday - I DEFINITELY saw one fly by my window right now...

      When I was 15, I had feet surgery & had to wear "bunion booties" which were white foam & navy blue nylon. They were painfully medical-looking, old-people shoes. It was an insult, an outrage! For most of my complaints, the doctor and his nurse rolled their eyes, shook their heads. "It's the colour they come in," they said.
      "But it costs more to make it white," I said. At this, they looked at each other - this was a point they could take to the supplier. I kept ranting through the bandage change... "Why make shoes white? They just get dirty. Look at these - they look filthy, and I haven't even gone anywhere in them. Black shoes just look like shoes."

    Fifteen years later, I went back for another feet surgery.
      I don't know when in that time the change happened, but all bunion booties now come in BLACK. You can order them in white & blue (and pay a few cents extra), but that is for older folks who prefer those schemes.
      I don't know if I can really claim this as an accomplishment, either? but definitely my doctor was pleased to show me my new booties, haha. I raved on how great they were.

spring things
field of action

Olympe De Gouges & French Feminists and the Rights of Man

Most Money Advice Is Worthless

Biker Gangs - guarding mosques


Troll Factory

GOP Infiltration / Police Infiltration

Rainy Melt
field of action
      "All of Saint Paul" is a reasonably accurate pothole warning. I was dodging a bunch of potholes through one of the narrow bits of Hamline Avenue, and just as I thought I was past them, I accelerated - but saw that what had seemed clear road was an axle-eating hole filled with water. I stopped JUST in time to not fall into it. A nearby pedestrian gave a tip of his cap to the save!
      It's bad out there - be aware.

The Floor Mattress Phenomenon

Changing Recycleables For Transit Credits

MN Nice & MN Racism

Zucc'd Again
field of action
Yes, there's some compulsive FB'ing, not being able to post for the day might break that habit.

living life, like we do
"i think i'm going grey"

It's Eagle Cam Time!

Bald Eagle Trio

Why Don't YOU Have A Baby?

Waffle Cake

birds in the snow
It can still make me jump when the biggest of the birds come in for a landing on the branch near my window. The bird-feeder is very busy, in this cold.

Autistic, Not Lazy

Who Cares - on emotional labor

Memo : Plan to Traumatize Children

casual ableism for ...humour?
field of action
      "If you can't watch a video and listen to simple instructions, you're unlikely to achieve anything in business. Give up now." ...Wow!

haha so true!
Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with?

      Yes? The deaf and hard of hearing community is at a distinct disadvantage in the business world.

I can imagine that this could be true, Petey... are you part of that community yourself or simply have a heart to help that community?

      The video isn't even captioned.

I believe that I have a version with a transcript... let me look. Most everything we have has a full transcript, despite not being cc

      I am involved in the disabled community in general, but this one smacks a bit for me in an immediate sense because I am at a computer without a sound card in it.

Here is the one with a full transcript.
What does a sound card do?

      A sound card plays audio.

Ohhh gotcha! I read that message wrong - I thought you said it DID have a sound card... now I understand

      I just wanted to relay a message of "Yikes!" as concerns your website and video.

I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention - truly
I will pass along the great need for closed captioning

      I even clicked the ad because I largely agree with the blurb message, so.

I understand, and glad you chatted in today. Is there anything else that I can help with?

      No, just that.

I hope you have a great day today, Petey! Feel free to open a new chat any time :)

Wayy back in early High School...
field of action
      Some kid was trying to say things about my friend - someone who had never bothered to speak to me about anything before. He tried declare, in consecutive sentences, that she was a lesbian, and had slept with the school’s whole hockey team.
      “Including you?” I asked.
      “What? No!” He acted disgusted. “I’d never-!”
      “But you just said the Whole hockey team. Are you not on it anymore?”
      “What, no - I - nevermind.“ He ran away.