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misanthropist extraordinaire

h o w l
field of action
https://www.themarysue.com/how-did-i-not-know-howls-moving-castle-book-sequels/">Howl's Moving Castle</a> : a book with sequels.
      The B&Ns around here were flooded with copies while the movie was playing at the Uptown. We have a lot of weebs. Of which I happen to be one.
      I read the first book, but the sequels were still difficult to find at that time - 2004. It would be another five years before I ordered anything from off the InterNets. I was home on a break between classes that summer, and had time enough to read one book. I might revisit them, yet.
WOW some deeply buried memoriesCollapse )

&quot;i think i&#39;m going grey&quot;
Last night... guy tried to impress me by holding open the inner vestibule door I had already opened - but had been in such a rush to do so that he basically slammed the outer door in the face of a woman carrying a toddler. I pointed that out to him, told him he would have made a better impression by holding the door for that other woman, but all he said was, "Huh?"

Later, a different guy came up to my table where I was sitting alone with my beer and my books spread everywhere, and offered a spot at the bar if he & his buddies could take my table. I said no thanks. He was QUITE taken aback - "N- no?" I was NOT in the mood to make room for male entitlement.

255 in 217
field of action



field of action
Seeing old broadcast TV exactly as it was, just as it aired with the commercials




Us, Now...
field of action
Where In A White Man Learns His Whiteness Will No Longer Save Him From the Creep of Authoritarianism

Returning to Business as Usual
field of action
A week back at the office - I have survived it.








field of action
      Allergies have mellowed to a low-level headache. Though constant, it is preferable to the drowning in mucus oxygen deprivation I started the week with.

      I just moved a turtle off a busy street.
      Little poop was SUNNING, just ducked a little when I drove over him (under the undercarriage, not under the wheels) - but his head was already back out when the School Bus sailed over him. I pulled a U-turn as soon as I could (bus behind me, mind). I tried to nudge his turtle-tail, to make him move, but he was just like NYEH so I took him by his midsection over to the nearest ditch & hollered at him to stay out of the street. Even if it seems like a great big hot rock prefect for sunning. It isn't.

What Happened After My 13 Year Old Son Joined the Alt-Right

Reduce Poverty ...by redefining it.

New Kind of War

Real Origins of the Religious Right (old link I had been looking for recently)

field of action
Today's variant on "It's not my first rodeo" -
"It's not my first broken toe."

Current Status: PHOTO

Yelling at the boss.
      And the accountant.
      I shout at them, "The more I learn about the 1960s and 70s, the more horrified I am at what passed for personal hygiene, then." And the boss hollers back, "That's because there wasn't any personal hygiene back then!"

      A man in a car behind mine, yesterday- gesturing and shouting for MILES up the packed freeway. That he was trapped behind, and we both were trapped in by all the traffic, everyone rolling at the same 25 mph together... .. . . . No! It was ME! My fault for being in front of him, getting in the way. He totally could have gone faster...     somehow... in all that gridlock... had I simply not existed.
      Talking to folks in other countries, England, Germany- they are mystified that the situation here could truly be so hostile. Something about paying like £2/litre for petrol over there takes some zing out of the daily need for zoom, I think...

Burn the Guillotine

Biased Algorithms
Evicted : Poverty and Profit

And... if you are able, please help my friend move!

field of action
Watching the firefighters working to save the Notre Dame Cathedral...

...thinking of the one that could not be saved.

The National Museum of Brazil.
2000 artifacts recovered of the 20,000,000 in the collection.
This is the equivalent of burning the ENTIRE Smithsonian complex down to... a small county history museum.

I have been following.
They figure now that it was the wiring for the A/C on the auditorium room. Three units running a space that would have needed five, on a circuit that could only accommodate the draw of two units. That's some BAD math.
AND - they were decades behind on scanning & digitizing.
This loss hurts so bad.




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field of action
It's been a ride, but we have location, date & time.

The theme for Goth Prom this year is STYGIAN FOREST.
June 14th 9pm-2am at Loring Bar + Restaurant

Tickets to go live ...soon! (later today?)
Then the BIG announcement across all the pages....

NOT the same wild ride we had last year, thank heavens...