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President Trump: The Inauguration
4pm, BBC One/ STV
"After a long absence, The Twilight Zone returns with one of the most ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history. Sci-fi writers have dabbled often with alternative history stories - among the most common is the "What If The Nazis Had Won The Second World War" setting - but this huge interactive virtual reality project, which will unfold on TV, in the press, and on Twitter over the next four years, sets out to build an ongoing alternative present.
The story begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president. It sounds far-fetched, and it is, but as it goes on it becomes more and more chillingly plausible. Today's feature-length opener concentrates on the gaudy inauguration of President Trump, and the stirrings of protest and despair surrounding the ceremony, while pundits speculate gravely on what lies ahead. It's a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we're not careful."


Keeping On
"i think i'm going grey"
I have quit caring if news is real or a joke; reality is now a joke.

North Carolina No Longer Classified A Democracy

U of M Boycott

Women and Men Use Cities Differently

Chris Kulwe Opines Again

Mari Lwyd - a horse skull visits your home around Christmas, and you must best it in poetry or allow it inside.

field of action
I am always trying to be "out" as possible, but also life is complicated & the world is stupid.

I am a tiny, grumpy old man, no matter what I look like. Until you understand this, nothing I say will make much sense. I began to feel the Girl path was not for me when I was three years old, and I happened to have a supportive grandfather.
In "recent" years - the past decade, I more often dress like a frilly girly girl because the world is to aggressively telling girls they "can't" or "shouldn't" - so I do. Like, mowing the lawn all in PIIINK to unambiguously send the message that IMMA GIIIIRRRL instead of person in scrubby yardwork clothes. "Living Out Loud". I might be a little bit of a punk.

My "identity" mostly as GenderFuck, which is short for "fuck you and your heteronormative gender binary". For pronouns "s/he" where possible. The gender-blending isn't an accident.

The feeling when you get gendered correctly by a stranger... "Pardon me, sir! Do you know the way to Habersham Street?" It happens so rarely, these days I am very rarely dressing in boymode, but the feeling when it does happen -!
Or chatting online, "Excuse me, but I cannot tell if you are a man or a woman?" M a g i c a l . . .

Misster Pemgin...

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Cookie Recipe - with some odd instructions

field of action
Things are looking bleak...

Do Not Panic Collapse )

LOLitics? ...this is the weak laughter of disbelief.

"i think i'm going grey"
Standing Rock Persists

Bats & Bananas

Female Friendships

Open Floor Plan - Next Level

field of action
Decoding the Civil War is my new video game, apparently.
Today's gem is a telegraph which reads, in part (continued from the previous page) " the time, jingle, commission jingle, alleged crimes was a contractor nose Gambol jingle nostril and there fore subject to be tried at the Industry Commission at Vomit Gurgle Mimick of the Tinker by virtue jingle Provisions jingle act..."

Assorted linkses for this week, I guess?
field of action
41 Tips for Women in the Music Industry

"Tips For Women" tends to be... useless, or worse. This one seems okay

biodegradable cigarette filters with flower seeds inside
salva la planeta - plantes un árbol y suicidate

Role Reboot : Can't Stand It / slut deconstruction

Support Hillary Clinton
Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger : it's important

Yes, Men - All Women Really Have Been Taught to Politely Tolerate Your Bullshit

There's A Reason Why Trump's Beloved Airports Are So Nice

Mural for Philando Castile

Mogadishu, Minnesota

Robert Redford on DAPL : "If this is legal, one must seriously question the laws of the land. They are laws that prioritize the profits of energy companies over the rights of people who actually have to live on the land, drink its water and eat its food."

"i think i'm going grey"
We seem to be having some serious difficulties here in the United States.
Several hundred police-shootings into the year, and the first to take the fall for becoming "emotionally involved" a lady cop.
...because Machismo is a life philosophy, not an emotion?

It's Not About Race

White Imagination Distorts Black Realities

Say Nothing
field of action
It's a bad attitude to assume anyone who is different deserves to be bullied.

The intentionally self-alienating individuals in our society (such as those wearing rainbow hair, tattoos, piercings, non-mainstream fashions, &c.) make for a great bellweather on internal prejudices.
Where hatred for people with dark skin, or a different religion, or sex/gender-expression is expressly prohibited & generally less acceptable than it used to be, singling out people who set themselves outside of society on purpose becomes the last refuge for that in-group/out-group "othering". If that person has that crazy-weird hair, that's an invitation for rude comments - right? "If I can't say rude things to that person, who can I say them to?!"


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