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field of action
I am always trying to be "out" as possible, but also life is complicated & the world is stupid.

I am a tiny, grumpy old man, no matter what I look like. Until you understand this, nothing I say will make much sense. I began to feel the Girl path was not for me when I was three years old, and I happened to have a supportive grandfather.
In "recent" years - the past decade, I more often dress like a frilly girly girl because the world is to aggressively telling girls they "can't" or "shouldn't" - so I do. Like, mowing the lawn all in PIIINK to unambiguously send the message that IMMA GIIIIRRRL instead of person in scrubby yardwork clothes. "Living Out Loud". I might be a little bit of a punk.

My "identity" mostly as GenderFuck, which is short for "fuck you and your heteronormative gender binary". For pronouns "s/he" where possible. The gender-blending isn't an accident.

The feeling when you get gendered correctly by a stranger... "Pardon me, sir! Do you know the way to Habersham Street?" It happens so rarely, these days I am very rarely dressing in boymode, but the feeling when it does happen -!
Or chatting online, "Excuse me, but I cannot tell if you are a man or a woman?" M a g i c a l . . .

Misster Pemgin...

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i do not feel comfortable in identifying as 'M'ale/'he'/'his', and this has been the case for as long as i can remember. it wasn't until fairly recently when 'they' became a tenable pronoun for individual people (and not just groups) that i started to think this feeling of mine had some actual value, and not something to be continually pushed aside.

Hey grumpy pemgin! Do package arrive well to you?

I thought that I had sent a message when it did arrive - I wrote to you & took pictures & my (russian-speaking)friends opined on the translation of the text on the platter.... WHAT in the world is going on with the Posting of Stuff...?! grr. OR - I get what I pay for, so far as the InterNet connection goes (nothing)....?

No message received, did you send it to email or in lj?

Because one of my old emails I deleted not so long.

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